Offworld Trading Company gets Ceres DLC

Published: August 23, 2016 10:30 AM /



Offworld Trading Company, the real-time strategy video game developed by Mohawk Games and published by Stardock, will be getting a new "Ceres Initiative DLC." The DLC is meant to take players off Mars as well as introduce new resources, buildings, and more.

The new location, Ceres, is the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt and is said to present "great challenges to colonization." Players will be able to mine for Uranium, a resource unique to Ceres, as well as take advantage of different terrains such as Salt Terrains where farms produce 50% more food and Cave Terrains, where mines, quarries, and pumps can access resources in adjacent tiles. 


This new, unique resource can also be used by players to further manipulate the stock market and turn it in their favor while at the same time using it to fuel their colony and power their Power Plants.

Apart from the new location, there will also be the new Nuclear Power Plant, which is an "excellent source of energy for your colony and can be built on any tile." This building is also powered by the Uranium and as such is only available on Ceres. There is the new challenge of "Depleting Resources" resources deplete as they are used and plots begin to decrease over time. Players will need to be on the lookout for new resource points as even the best of them will not last forever.


There is a new patent as well, called "Liquid Batteries." They will allow the player to keep their "Solar Condenser" running no matter the time of day. This will allow for continuous water collecting so operations will keep running smoothly.

This will be Offworld Trading Company's 5th DLC, with the only other map-oriented DLC being the "Real Mars Map Pack." The other DLCs include a "Map Toolkit", an "Almanac" and "Soundtrack" DLC. The DLC is available for purchase right now and costs $4.99!

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