Oculus Touch Support Coming to The Climb and Overkill

Published: December 1, 2016 1:15 PM /



While the rest of us are still waiting for mainstream VR to move past the early adopter phase, these early purchasers will get the chance to play an updated version of Crytek's climbing simulator The Climb. 

This update for The Climb will add Oculus Touch Support to the game, which means that players will be able to use the Oculus Touch while playing the game. The Oculus Touch are 2 tracked controllers that allow the user to physically manipulate objects and surfaces inside the VR game, making immersing yourself into the game world a little easier than it was before. This update is also adding a completely new location to the game.

The extensive game update will be free to everyone who owns The Climb, and also includes an expansive new setting inspired by the landscapes of Iceland. The wintry “North” location features snow-capped peaks, distant volcanoes, and a host of fresh challenges for players to get to grips with as they scale new heights, immerse themselves in the environment, or compete to set the best times in the world. In addition, the update introduces new player-customization options and a range of accessories designed specifically for the North setting.
However, this isn't the only game that'll get Oculus Touch support. The Starloop Studios-developed VR cover shooter Overkill (which is currently available in Steam's Early Access program) will also be able to make use of these peripherals now that the exclusivity deal with the HTC Vive has come to an end.

The support patch for Overkill has already been deployed, and The Climb will be getting the new Oculus Touch feature on December 6. Other games that are scheduled to get Oculus Touch support include games like Zombie Riot and Viral EX.

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Chris Anderson
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