October's Humble Monthly Unveils Nine Games, Three Early Unlocks for November

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The monthly subscription provided by Humble Bundle always gives subscribers something to look forward to the first Friday of every month. Whether the titles are well-known across the gaming community or hidden gems, subscribers possess the opportunity to widen their horizons. September’s games turned out to be total brainteasers. This month, October gifted subscribers with a diverse lineup of experiences for players of all tastes.

If October’s games aren’t looking too appealing to you, November’s early unlock games might pique your interest. Sure, you’ll have to bear the cost of the measly $12 early, but Hollow Knight, HITMAN: The Complete First Season, and 7 Days to Die may just be worth it. Hitman may be the most interesting, given that if you own Hitman: The Complete First Season and purchase Hitman 2 you will have access to remastered levels and new difficulty settings. However, if you’re eager to jump right into October’s stash and are already a subscriber, you’ll have the luxury of taking a stab at nine various titles.

The first title featured on the Humble Monthly page is the simulation strategy game Dungeons 3. By building an underground dungeon masked with deadly traps, you possess the power to raise a fearful army of mythical creatures. You can take a gander at our Dungeons 3 review here. Up next we have another simulation game, but this time featuring monstrous semi-trucks. In American Truck Simulator, players get to travel across the country to not only transport cargo. You also get to breathe in the stunning environments around you. Read our review here.


dungeons 3
Dungeons 3


Following those two simulator experiences is the beloved Overwatch, October's primary early unlock. Delve into this multiplayer first-person shooter with some friends (or frenemies) to explore an assortment of radical powers. Choosing your hero of choice is half the battle. Rebelling against the laws of physics is where the fun is at. Fourth on the list of games this month is Gremlins, Inc. Take the ultimate challenge in this stimulating strategy board game where the world has been tarnished by capitalist gremlins. Does it get any worse than that?

Hidden Folks is next in October’s bundle. Your goal involves unveiling hidden objects by interacting with the simple, yet splendid, hand-dream environments. If you’re at a loss, Hidden Folks is even generous enough to offer you a hint. Why not challenge the brain with a Where’s Waldo experience? Our sixth game this month is Old Man’s Journey. Here subscribers get to experience a handcrafted world portraying life, loss, and courage through means of a puzzling escapade. You may want to grab some tissues, for Old Man’s Journey appears to be quite the emotional tale.


old mans journey
Old Man's Journey


We Were Here Too follows suit, showcasing an online-only co-op experience. Your setting is a fictional medieval castle riddled with puzzles. Not only are you to connect the dots, but convey effective communication to your partner in crime. Make sure your walkie-talkies have enough battery life!

Up next, subscribers get to experience a sneak peek at the musical adventure Wandersong. In this happy-go-lucky atmosphere, a peculiar bard must sing harmonic melodies to solve various mysteries. Along the way, the musical man encounters just as strange characters, vibrant worlds, and the magical Earth Song. Will his voice be enough to save the world? Read about how much we enjoyed Wandersong here.

Last but not least, we have October's Humble Original Ollie & Bollie’s Outdoor Estate. If you aren’t familiar with the terminology, Humble Originals are games strictly developed for Humble Monthly subscribers. They’re typically a tad on the quirky side. However, that's what makes them so much fun! Though I’m not yet entirely sure what Ollie & Bollie’s Outdoor Estate entails, your main goal is to build a house for you and your friend, Bollie. The visuals are simple, but the physics of carrying a giant tree trunk from point A to point B is where things get a tad complicated. Nonetheless, I look forward to giving it a whirl.

If you’re looking to build the ultimate game library but don’t know where to start, Humble Monthly will steer you in the right direction. Keep an eye open for a more extensive look at each of these games later this month!

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What are your initial thoughts on October’s Humble Monthly bundle? What games are you most or least excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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