Nyko to Release a Cardboard Arcade Cabinet for Nintendo Switch

Published: June 29, 2018 5:29 PM /


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Third-party peripheral manufacturer Nyko has announced plans to release a new item for the Nintendo Switch, titled the PixelQuest Arcade Kit.

The kit will be an unassembled cardboard stand that can be created in the shape of a miniature arcade cabinet. Much like other Nintendo Labo Kits from Nintendo, the arcade kit is easy to assemble and utilizes the Nintendo Switch's into the overall design. The arcade kit will also allow easy access for the Nintendo Switch screen to slide in and out of the cabinet, as well as provide additional cutouts for ventilation and access to the Switch's charging port.

The full kit contains eight pieces of pre-cut construction cardboard, two attachable arcade stick tops, 2 joy-con button relocation inserts (to give players access to the joy-con shoulder buttons) and four sheets of assorted pixel stickers, which can be used to create customizable sticker art for the arcade kit.

This will be the first product by Nyko that will follow in the footsteps of the Nintendo Labo, and will be one of the first 3rd party products for the Nintendo Labo in the West. There are already 3rd party kits available on the market, especially in Japan where the Nintendo Labo kits have sold incredibly well since releasing earlier this year.

Nyko has stated that the PixelQuest Arcade Kit will be released on November 27th, for $19.99.

Quick Take

This is a must buy, honestly. Yeah, it's not a patch on a true customizable mame cabinet, but it would be a fairly inexpensive and easy to assemble alternative to play some classic arcade games the old school way. 

The only questions now are will the quality of Nyko's product be up to scratch, considering it's third party work. Nyko does make some weak peripherals, in particular, the Nyko Intercooler 360 fan for the Xbox 360 leading to hardware failure over a decade ago, but overall their quality is pretty good compared to the competition out there. 

For $20 bucks, this would be a good collector piece at the very least, and if you have kids, a nice little project to make something they can get into.  

What do you think though? Is the PixelQuest Arcade Kit worth the price? Leave your comments below. 

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