NVIDIA RTX Remix Features Hefty AI-Assisted Modding Tool

Published: September 20, 2022 4:31 PM /


Mount and Blade Before and After Screenshot using the RTX Remix

Though there were once rumors about delaying the creation, NVIDIA has announced the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 GPUs. With that comes the NVIDIA RTX Remix, which allows users to mod their games like never before.

From what we have seen in the tech world thus far, most GPU and CPU developers tend to leave the modding of games in the hands of gamers and users. With the NVIDIA RTX Remix, the modding community is about to be flipped upside down. With this new hardware, players will be able to export their games directly to the RTX Remix and its tools will take the reins from there, applying higher resolution to textures, enhancing the assets, and even adding ray-tracing. With this new technology, users will not need to learn how to implement mods or have serious tech experience and can bring older games to new life with these AI-assisted modding tools.

As someone who has never modded before, the process seems quite simple, and I believe even I (someone who knows very little about such technology) could figure it out on my own. This means that it appears to be entry-level and beginner-friendly to use. To give users an idea of what they can look forward to, NVIDIA posted a side-by-side screenshot of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind before using the RTX remix and after.

Screenshot of NVIDIA RTX Remix Before and After use

As you can see, there are very obvious differences in both the lighting and the graphic quality when the RTX Remix is used. Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, went on to state this in regard to the new RTX Remix before and after shot, 

"We created an Omniverse application called RTX Remix for game modding. Start the game, capture the game into USD, which is loaded into Omniverse. Here, we're using Elder Scrolls Morrowind from Bethesda, one of the top modded games of all time. Once in RTX Remix, the AI-assisted toolset has deep learning models to up-res textures and assets, and an AI model to convert materials to have physically accurate properties. The rich Omniverse creative tools can then be used to enhance the game assets. When done, export the RTX mod pack and play the game with the RTX renderer."

Looking at the intense differences between the before and after, one can only imagine the type of work everyday modders will be able to accomplish using this new technology. For someone like me, this appears to be something that could be useful to those with little to no experience in sprucing up a video game by simply letting the RTX Remix do all of the work. 


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