NUTS Announced For Steam, Squirrel Investigation Game

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NUTS Announced For Steam, Squirrel Investigation Game

June 14, 2020

By: Andrew Stretch

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NUTS a new narrative surveillance adventure game was announced at the Guerrilla Collective is a game that quite simply has you stalking some squirrels in a forest. You will be recording the Squirrels to learn more about them, find where they're storing all of their nuts, and then uncover the secret of the squirrels.

The player has gotten into his caravan and trekked out into the Melmoth Forest in search of squirrels to photograph. The game has a unique art style that has everything popping with color. This means everything is extremely defined and easy to see. During the day your character will be taking their findings of where to hunt for squirrels and going out placing their camera. Then during the night you'll sit in your caravan watching your live feeds being ready to take snapshots when the squirrels go by. It's through this process the player hopes to track down their secrets.

The trailer shown does a great job of outlining the purpose of the game as well as the different types of gameplay that the player will be participating in.

NUTS was developed by a team of only 5 people and will be coming to PC via Steam in 2021. If you want to make sure you're staying up to date on all of the latest NUTS news then be sure to wishlist them on steam, or head over to their official website to see more of what the game is about and see some more screenshots.


What do you think of NUTS? Are you interested to start investigating the secret of the Squirrels? Do you think this story might be the one for you?

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