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Published: November 6, 2016 11:28 AM /


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Another month went by. October left us with more leftover pumpkins than we have any use for and brought away the pumpkin spice that seems to be such a controversial topic in the states. On the flip side, a new month begins and will bring new things. One of these is, of course, new games for the Humble Monthly Bundle subscribers. The games for the November bundle have been revealed as long as the early game for the December subscribers.

The games included in the November Humble Monthly Bundle are as follows:

  • Broforce (review): This pixel-art fast-paced side-scroller is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to American action movies. Every single character in the game has been inspired by an action movie. It's fast, it plays great and it's incredibly fun.
  • Rebel Galaxy (review): If you're one of the people that always wanted to be put in charge of a colossal star destroyer, Rebel Galaxy is the game for you. You'll explore space in your own spaceship and you'll have to deal with pirates, aliens and the most frightening enemy of all: the economy.
  • Beyond Eyes (review): This game tells a heartwarming story about a girl who lost her sight in an accident. The great art direction will make you feel immersed in a watercolored world as you follow Rae in her journey.
  • Kathy Rain: Kathy Rain follows the story of the homonymous girl that is investigating her grandfather's death. A town full of mystery and secrets will have the players put on their Sherlock Holmes hat and start investigating.
  • Styx: Master of Shadows (preview): Styx is a goblin thief/assassin/spy and a very good one at that. Set in a dark fantasy world, Styx will have the players sneak around to steal, kill and uncover secrets while using many powers and items to their advantage.
  • Stardew Valley (review): Stardew Valley is the perfect game if you want to lay down and relax without having to settle for a boring gameplay. This Harvest Moon-like game will have you manage and grow your very own farm and build relationships with the people of the town.
  • Pirate Pop Plus: This little arcade game will have you face the dangers of the bubble pirate. Shoot the evil bubbles to pop them but be wary of the shifting gravity.
  • Keyboard Sports: Like every month, the bundle includes an exclusive game for the Humble Monthly subscribers. This time around we have Keyboard Sports, a game that will have you face many challenges and where no keyboard button will remain unpressed.
Another interesting selection of games from the Humble Bundle team for sure.

As usual, Humble Bundle revealed the early game for the December subscription. If you purchase the next month's bundle right now, you will receive Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen right away to play while waiting for the other games to be revealed.

Are you a Humble Monthly subscriber? Are you satisfied with this month's selection? Let us know in the comments below.

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