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Published: October 23, 2019 11:30 AM /


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The latest and largest expansion for Viking RTS Northgard, titled Conquest, is live now on Steam, and free for all players. Conquest brings with it difficult, randomly generated campaigns in a unique game mode, new enemies to fight, achievements, and more. Notably, the campaigns can be played co-op with a friend, meaning your clan doesn't have to face the dangers of the Northgard alone. Where previous updates brought minor changes in new maps, or persistent passive effects, the challenges offered in Conquest will provide hours of gameplay. Northgard: Conquest is live now, and free for all current and future owners of Northgard.

The real meat of the update provided in Northgard: Conquest is via the Conquest campaigns. Depending on which clan you select, you must complete various clan-specific challenges, which Shiro Games opted to keep secret for now. After completing these larger challenges, you take on smaller challenges, which essentially amount to map mutators. These challenges might mean a map filled with wyverns, a race to colonize and control Yggdrasil, or stave off invading waves of the undead for a specific amount of time. The challenges can also be interspersed with some of the new units, resources, events or buildings.

In progressing through the Conquest campaign, you're able to unlock favors, or passive buffs to your clan for the duration of the campaign. Should you complete an entire campaign for a clan, you will be awarded with an exclusive skin for your Town Hall. In celebration of the Conquest update, Shiro Games is running a sale not only on Northgard at 60% off, but their earlier RPGs Evoland and Evoland II are also half off. Shiro Games is also working on Darksburg, a co-operative top-down zombie killing game, slated for release sometime in 2020.  Still, updates for Northgard have been fast and frequent, and Conquest is no different. Northgard: Conquest is live now as a free update.

What do you think of the free updates so far for Northgard? Anything else you'd like to see the Viking-themed RTS tackle? Let us know in the comments below!

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