North America Defeats Europe In League of Legends All-Star Show Match

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One of the most well-known rivalries in the eSports world is the NA vs EU rivalry in professional League of Legends. During the League of Legends All-Star event, the NA region faces off against EU with a team of players selected by the community in each region in a best of one show match to decide which region is the dominant region for each year.

This year's teams had Licorice and Wickd in the top lane, Nightblue3 and Broxah in the jungle, Sneaky and Jiizuke in the middle lane, Doublelift and Caps in the bottom lane, and Imaqtpie and NoWay in the support role.

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It's worth noting the teams brought several players into interesting roles. Examples of this include Sneaky, Doublelift, and Imaqtpie all being professional bottom laners while Caps, NoWay, and Jiizuke are all professional middle laners with many of them playing in different roles for this event.

The match started off with interesting picks and bans, notably what would end up being the Neeko jungle pick by NA's Nightblue3, showing off the power of Riot's newest mid laner but testing her strength as a jungler, and the troll Heimerdinger ban coming out from the NA team, showcasing NA's fun-loving nature by effectively throwing away a ban on a lowly contested champion. Sneaky picked up the LeBlanc, a champion he has a rather spotty history with for the current season and Licorice picked up the Lucian top lane. The EU side was much more straightforward with Broxah looking to show off his Xin Zhao after having his Lee Sin banned out and Jiizuke on Cassiopeia.

The final picks and bans of each team in the NA VS EU show match.

The game started off in NA's favor with a gold lead and a dragon going out to NA, despite being fairly even in kills. Moving into the mid-game, the pendulum swung in EU's favor with a multitude of picks on the NA team. Despite Nightblue3's consistently powerful Pop Blossom's, the EU team was always able to answer back with a powerful team fight on the back of Jiizuke's perfectly timed use of Petrifying Gaze.

The EU team advancing on the NA base after winning a major team fight.

EU was able to pick up several major objectives but ended up being wiped out immediately following a Baron call, preventing them from getting any use out of the buff. Finally, the game turned around for NA when they were able to push the EU team out of the Baron pit with their amazing poke in a 4v5. After losing the 5v4, EU sent Caps to take the Mountain Drake on the bottom side of the map allowing NA to start the Baron.

The NA team takes the baron and the EU jungler's life and looks to start a team fight for the match point.

Though their team was split, EU aggressively contested the Baron but Broxah was not able to steal the buff from Nightblue3 and was immediately killed in the Baron pit preventing him from being a real participant in the following fight. NA was then able to take the fight to the EU players with a perfectly aimed Trueshot Barrage dealing tons of damage to the EU team and NA managed to wipe the EU team entirely. The three remaining Baron enhanced players in the NA team were able to take the fight to EU's base and take the show match for NA.

The NA team scores an ace and looks to take the enemy base before the EU team respawns.

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