Norse Action Adventure Fimbul Launches This November

Published: June 27, 2018 2:57 PM /


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Fimbul, an action-adventure game heavily inspired by Norse mythology, will launch for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this November.

Developer Zaxis revealed details about the game's aesthetic, its gameplay, and its release window in a press release. The game will follow "aging berserker" Kveldulver, who must travel through Midgard during the Norse "great winter", or Fibulvetr. In Norse mythology, the great winter immediately precedes the end of the world, also referred to as Ragnarok. Kveldulver must recover "an ancient artifact that might, just might, prevent the end of the world".

Zaxis also uploaded a teaser trailer to their official YouTube account. Check it out:

The watchword here is "teaser"; the trailer doesn't reveal much in terms of gameplay, instead choosing to show off Fimbul's setting and art design. Fimbul is "inspired by the Saxo Grammaticus", the Danish Book of Kings. Zaxis also hails from Denmark, so you can bet they know what they're talking about when it comes to Norse mythology. The game will feature a branching non-linear narrative, and players will be able to return to several crucial points in the story to explore alternative possibilities using "The Thread of Life" (a spruced-up autosave function).

Gameplay-wise, Fimbul consists of "exploration elements and a weapons-based combat system". The game will "reward exploring its world with lots of secret areas and encounters" that promise to flesh out the lore and backstory. Combat will be "easy to learn but difficult to master", with Kveldulver needing to master "a wide variety of weaponry". There will also be recruitable Viking party members, each of whom has a different skill which will come in handy against different enemies and obstacles. The Lost Vikings this ain't, though.

Interested parties can head over to the Steam page for Fimbul. The game can't be wishlisted yet, unfortunately, but it's not out until November. Let's hope that month doesn't yield its own Fimbulvetr for us, eh?

Fimbul will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this November.

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