Noita, the Rogue-lite With Physics, Comes to Steam Early Access September 24


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Noita, the Rogue-lite With Physics, Comes to Steam Early Access September 24

August 29, 2019

By: Jack Waibel

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Noita, the upcoming rogue-lite from the developers of Baba is You, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and The Swapper, is coming to Steam Early Access on September 24, 2019.

Noita, which was shown off at E3 2018, is an action rogue-lite that takes place in a procedurally generated underground world. What sets Noita apart from the crowd, however, is that every pixel in the game is physically simulated. You can burn through wood, explode through stone, swim through your enemies blood, etc. Those descriptions probably don't do it justice, however, so you should instead watch the trailer that also dropped today.

In addition to the simulated pixels, Noita also boasts a magic system that lets players create new spells as they explore, which, in a game with destructible environments, can be just as important for traversal as it is for combat. The game's footage shows the main character blasting holes in glass, lighting the cave's natural gas on fire, summoning thunderclouds to zap a body of water, and placing exploding crystals to set up a chain reaction of destruction. In the example below, you can also see the player using a treasure chest as kindling to ignite a pile of gunpowder.

Noita is being developed by Nolla Games. This three-person development team has worked on over 150 titles between them, with the most prominent likely being the indie hits Baba Is You, The Swapper, and Crayon Physics Deluxe. TechRaptor's Brian Renadette reviewed Baba Is You back in March and called it "amazing" and "a decades-old puzzle concept and flips it on its head in a very innovative manner." Needless to say, the three have a history of making quirky and innovative games.

Noita will release on Steam Early Access on September 24th.

What do you think of Noita? What sort of ideas do you have with simulating every pixel? Let us know in the comments below!

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