Noir Murder Mystery Night Call Arrives On PC July 17th, Consoles This Year

Published: June 27, 2019 10:20 AM /


night call

Noir adventure Night Call is coming to Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC on July 17th. A console release will follow at a later date.

Night Call casts you as a Parisian taxi driver suspected of murder. A serial killer is on the loose and you're the prime suspect since you were the last person to see the most recent victim alive. You're out to clear your name and find the real killer before you get sent down for a crime you didn't commit. To do so, you'll have to listen carefully to each passenger that gets into your cab and build a case against the one you think is the killer. Check out the E3 2018 reveal trailer for Night Call below:

Night Call will feature more than 70 characters, each of which has a meticulously-crafted backstory. The game is non-linear; a guilty suspect in one playthrough could be completely innocent in the next. Which characters you encounter will vary from playthrough to playthrough, so you'll never know which one will be the murderer at the outset. In order to deduce the identity of the killer, you'll have to ask the passengers the right questions and make sure you're paying attention to their answers. Developers Monkey Moon and Black Muffin are promising a game with "gritty, mature themes" that holds a dark mirror up to real life in Paris.

If you're interested, you can wishlist Night Call on Steam right now. Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers will also be able to play the game when it lands. We don't yet have a concrete release date for consoles, but publisher Raw Fury says the game will be out before the end of 2019. While you wait, be sure to check out TechRaptor's preview of Night Call.

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