No, You Shouldn't Remove Wishlist Games For The Steam Summer Sale Contest

Published: June 28, 2019 11:00 AM /


steam summer sale 2019 grand prix update

The Steam Summer Sale 2019 has been going for a few days now. Much like previous years, the sale has a contest where customers participating in a special game have the opportunity to win something off of their wishlist. Unfortunately, people are misinterpreting the way the contest works and unnecessarily removing games from their wishlist — something that is having an impact on game developers.

PC Gamer reports that several developers have noticed the number of wishlists for their titles has decreased. This happens to a degree whenever a sale comes around, but the Steam Summer Sale 2019 appears to be even more severe than usual.

Unfortunately for both the customers and developers, removing games from your Steam wishlist is a fruitless endeavor. The contest where up to 300 people a day can win a game on their wishlist only applies to the first item on your wishlist.

The removals have gotten so bad that Steam has gone to the length of sending out a tweet advising people how this specific portion of the contest works:

Valve has also released a blog post talking about some changes that they've made to the Steam Grand Prix overall in an attempt to make the game slightly easier to understand and somewhat more balanced.

  • The Driver's Dash and Manual have been clarified so they're easier to understand.
  • Back-end changes have been made that will hopefully reduce some of the snowballing effects that has led to Team Corgi winning the first two days handily.
  • Code changes have been made to deal with imbalanced team sizes.
  • A new random drop called "Steal Boosts" has been added which will give teams in the rear of the pack a fighting chance at catching up.
The Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a bit confusing, but hopefully, these changes will mitigate some of the wishlist removals and balance out the teams a little more. The Steam Summer Sale ends on July 9, 2019.

What do you think of the Steam Summer Sale 2019 changes? Did you remove any games from your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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