No Pineapple Left Behind - To Foster or Crush

Published: June 25, 2015 1:38 AM /


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We're back with the latest information on the upcoming strategy/modern school satire game No Pineapple Left Behind. With E3 behind us, the developers have released another video showing off more of the games systems and the games systems. If you want to learn more about it, read our previous coverage on the game here, and view the second episode on our channel.

In No Pineapple Left Behind it was shown this week a bit off hand that the game will have 12 different districts - each with their own scenario. In this week's showing we're focusing on Cambrianville - one of those districts and the topic for this challenge is bullying and how to deal with it. Rutherford B. Hayes Academy for Academic Excellence is a school in Cambrianville where David Jefferson goes, and where you have the third scenario in the game.

David Jefferson is a different student, wearing makeup to school, and to help prove your charter project you have to make sure he isn't bullied for the whole week. Given kids, you can imagine this is not going to be an easy task. All kid's in the game have a lot of traits that impact what they do, their grades, and how others react to them as it explains who they are. Let's take a look at David here:

David Traits

We can see here David is a Straight, gaming, cross dresser with a crush on his friend. We can also see academically in the top he's an all around average student, and that in the bottom we can see his humanity. David's Cross Dressing trait makes him significantly more likely to be teased, and much more likely to be rejected if he asks to go out on date, proving that yes, kids are cruel. If David is teased he would gain the Teased trait which would drop his grades, his humanity, and he's more likely to be teased.

To deal with the problem you have two main options. First, you could set up a comprehensive anti-teasing program wherein you set up plans for it, and zap him with anti-teasing lasers. To help mimic the real life difficulties of dealing with these, this option is difficult, annoying, and expensive. However, if you want to just ignore it and make everyone the same, you could turn him into a pineapple... and he wouldn't be bullied that way either.

A lot of good info here on this upcoming game if you want to check it out though most of it is covered above - a really detailed 90 seconds of game information!



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