No Man's Sky Steam Deck Version Ready for Launch Due to Sentinel Update

Published: February 17, 2022 2:43 PM /


No Man's Sky Steam Deck Sentinel cover

No Man's Sky Steam Deck support has been added as of the latest update, and the No Man's Sky Sentinel Update is jam-packed with new content for players to explore.

While the launch of No Man's Sky left a lot to be desired, Hello Games has been consistently delivering new content for the game every few months. For example, it added Expeditions, updated visuals, new furniture, and Settlements throughout 2021. Now, the first major update of 2022 has arrived -- and this one adds No Man's Sky Steam Deck support.

No Man's Sky Steam Deck Support Adds Touch Controls

As seen in the above tweet, No Man's Sky Steam Deck support has been added to the game. While the Steam Deck is not yet in the hands of most customers, this means that the game will be ready to go as soon as you can get your hands on one of Valve's handheld gaming PCs.

Here are the specifics of what this means from the latest patch notes:

  • No Man’s Sky will support Steam Deck from launch.
  • Introduced a number of specific Steam Deck optimizations.
  • Introduced support for Steam Deck controls.
  • Introduced support for Steam Deck touch input.

The No Man's Sky Sentinel Update is a Serious Overhaul

Aside from No Man's Sky Steam Deck support, the No Man's Sky Sentinel Update adds a ton of new content for players to enjoy, much of which is themed around the antagonistic Sentinels that we've all been fighting for years.

Previously, the Sentinels were represented by either planet-based drones or deadly spaceships. Now, the arsenal of these A.I. villains has been expanded significantly with the addition of Planetary Sentinel Pillars, Heavy Combat Drones, Sentinel Repair Drones, Sentinel Summoner Drones, and a greater variety of weapons for standard Sentinels.

Fortunately, you're also being equipped with the tools you need to fight back. Aside from a brand new Neutron Cannon weapon, you'll also be able to transform the Minotaur into an A.I. companion that can follow you around on a planet and assist you in battle. You'll still be able to pilot it, too, taking over for the artificial intelligence and wielding its heavy weapons against your enemies.

Mind, this update doesn't just add new content -- a fair few quality-of-life features have arrived, too. Players can now hold twice as many multi-tools (from 3 to 6) and keep three times as many Companions (from 6 to 18).

This update also adds some graphical improvements and a bunch of other changes; you can read the full No Man's Sky Sentinel Update patch notes for all the fine details. If you haven't yet jumped into the game, there's never been a better time to buy it! You can buy No Man's Sky for PC and consoles via its official website for just $29.99 or your regional equivalent, a limited-time 50% discount off of its normal price of $59.99.

Would you want to play No Man's Sky on the Steam Deck? What do you think of the new additions in the Sentinel Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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