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I think most of us are still a bit shocked over Hello Games breaking the months-long silence after the release of the controversial space exploration game No Man's Sky. The recent surprise release of the Foundation update added quite a few new things to the game, chief among which is the ability to build your own base on a planet of your choosing. Since then, Hello Games seems to be occupied with supporting the game with new content and bugfixes. The latest round of bugfixes has been announced by Hello Games on No Man's Sky's community page on Steam.

Hey Everyone,

First of all thanks so much to everyone who’s spent time playing the game and letting us know about any issues you’ve experienced.

Following is a list of fixes that are currently available on Experimental. When we're happy that the fixes are good they'll be made live in following patches.

This list will be updated regularly - I'll remove items when they move from Experimental to live, and will add new items as they arrive.

The list in question has some interesting tidbits hidden away in the text. Among the expected bug fixes are quite a few quality of life features that should make the game feel more like, well, a game. Fixes and tweaks have been made to the game's inventory management systems, unsupported mods will be labeled as such by the game so you'll know which mod is giving you grief if the game becomes unstable. Hello Games also mention a new way to install mods. For details on how this works, you can navigate to the PCBANKS folder in No Man's Sky's install directory and check the DISABLEMODS.TXT for more details.

The biggest thing on the list has to do with the game's SLI support. Some players have noted that the game suffer performance issues and Hello Games has provided them with a workaround in lieu of an actual patch.

We've enabled a temporary workaround for the SLI issues people are experiencing. If you are running in SLI, please disable TAA and the game should run. We are currently talking to Nvidia about a more permanent solution for this issue.
Here's how to opt-in to the game's experimental branch: navigate to the game in your games list on Steam -> right click -> properties -> beta -> select the experimental branch in the drop-down menu. Restart Steam when you're done! Remember to check the stickied thread on the community page every now and then since newly implemented tweaks and fixes will be added to them as they get patched.

No Man's Sky had an extremely rocky start due to the lack of meaningful mechanics and the game's lack of features that were promised before the game launched.

Quick Take

You've got to admire Hello Games for not taking their cash and running after the fiasco that was the game's promo campaign and subsequent launch. I still don't buy that Murray and co. had malicious intent and I'd be very interested (like a lot of people) to know what went on at HG in the months before release. Still, good on them for at least appearing to want to fix their game. 

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