No Man's Sky and the Waking Titan Mystery

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No Man's Sky has been going through a major ARG the past week.

Starting with the previously reported cassette tape mystery, new information has been uncovered that not only deepens the mystery but may tie it to another ARG.

The new leg of the mystery has been tied to something known as Waking Titan, which is heavily detailed in the No Man's Sky Reddit. The link to No Man's Sky comes from actual coordinates in the game itself.

Waking Titan was an ARG that started on May 28th, and has involved several radio stations, websites and phone numbers designed for an unknown purpose at this time. The connection to No Man's Sky began when players in the Waking Titan ARG were involved in a dead drop event in New York City, which provided a memo for the game and a new code to follow.

The memo's code, when converted from base64 to ASCII, forms the string "013D:0078:0724:0056" which was determined to be coordinates in No Man's Sky itself.

A user was able to find the planet, and on the exact spot of the coordinates was another dead drop, with a player-made node and a new code, the message being "

No Mans Sky Dead Drop
The node with the code in No Man's Sky.

The code, "LOOP16 UNEXPECTED ERROR: 97C-303N-5884-P," was a password for the website Waking Titan that unlocked the next phase of the ARG.

That phase happened today, which was a radio advert played today on the Seychelles Island Paradise FM. The audio pointed to a new website, Echo-64, which has not been updated yet at this time.

There are several connections between Waking Titan and No Man's Sky, in particular, the use of the number 16, the titans, and several bits of iconography between the two games. Most in the No Man's Sky community believe that the Waking Titan ARG is connected heavily into No Man's Sky, mostly due to the cassette tapes being connected to the game via the types of codes found in the tapes spectrographs, and the similarities between the robotic, female voices on the tapes and Waking Titan.

Hello Games, the developers of No Man's Sky, has not addressed whether the connections between the two games are true at this time as well, which has fueled speculation further that it may be a cross-promotional game between the creators of Waking Titan and Hello Games.

The true purpose of the ARG at this point is still unknown, but many speculate it will lead to a major announcement for No Man's Sky down the line. To what extent No Man's Sky is connected to the entire ARG, however, is still unknown.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you be paying attention to further developments? Leave your comments below.

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