No, A FNAF Dead by Daylight Crossover Isn't Happening

Published: August 13, 2021 4:16 PM /


FNAF Dead by Daylight crossover cover

Some fans are speculating that an FNAF Dead by Daylight crossover is on the way, but that appears to be highly unlikely. Surprisingly, we might be getting a Dead by Daylight Hellraiser crossover instead.

Five Nights at Freddy's is a highly popular franchise of games where players explore an entertainment center that's populated by killer robots. Dead by Daylight, on the other hand, is an asymmetrical game where a superpowered killer hunts down victims in an arena as they try to escape.

The two games both have horror elements, and a recent teaser from Dead by Daylight has some fans believing that an FNAF Dead by Daylight crossover is on the way. However, the reasoning for this crossover is a bit thin, and there's a much more likely candidate: the horror movie classic Hellraiser. Let's get started with checking out the teaser for Dead by Daylight Chapter 21.

Why the FNAF Dead by Daylight Crossover is Unlikely

Now that you've seen the teaser, you might be wondering: why are fans speculating that an FNAF Dead by Daylight crossover is happening? The reason is the sort of thing that isn't immediately obvious unless you're a pretty hardcore fan of the games.

As  YouTuber John Wolfe explains on Twitter, "The Bite of '87" is one of the events that happened in one of the iconic restaurants populated by the killer robots. The Dead by Daylight teaser has "19.87" on the top right of the video. That's it. That's the connection.

One also has to consider a statement made by Scott Cawthon on Reddit six months ago. According to him, there will be no collaborations between Five Nights at Freddy's or any other game. Cawthon has since stepped down as the head of the franchise, but his previous plans to focus the franchise's efforts on developing solo projects likely remain in effect.

Of course, the teaser video shows some kind of red object amidst the static. That doesn't immediately look like anything from Five Nights at Freddy's, but some horror movie fans have noted that it's quite similar to an iconic scene from the film Hellraiser.

FNAF Dead by Daylight crossover teaser frames
These individual frames were taken from the Dead by Daylight teaser video on Twitter.

We Might Be Getting a Dead by Daylight Hellraiser Crossover Instead

I went frame-by-frame and extracted some still images from the Dead by Daylight teaser (seen above). It's still a little difficult to make out anything, but one keen-eyed fan noticed a similarity to an iconic horror film: it looks like what we're actually getting is a Dead by Daylight Hellraiser crossover, and that means that Pinhead may be coming to the game for Chapter 21.

Check out this tweet from horror artist Trever Henderson:

As Henderson points out, that red flower in the television looks an awful lot like the red blob from the Dead by Daylight teaser. Hellraiser also happened to release in theaters in — you guessed it — 1987.

So, there you have it. The FNAF Dead by Daylight crossover is highly unlikely based on these observations, but it looks like we're probably getting a Hellraiser crossover instead.

For now, you can buy Dead by Daylight for PC and consoles on its official website and enjoy a boatload of terrifying fun. The Five Nights at Freddy's games are pretty entertaining, too, and you can get them on Steam and elsewhere. As for Hellraiser, it just so happens that you can watch it on Amazon — and it's currently available to watch at no cost for Amazon Prime members.

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Do you think we're getting a Dead by Daylight Hellraiser crossover? Do you think we'll ever see the Five Nights at Freddy's characters in Dead by Daylight? Let us know in the comments below!


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