Devs Reiterate That Final Fantasy XIV Third Party Tools Aren't Allowed

Published: May 9, 2022 11:59 AM /


Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV third party tools still aren't allowed, which will come as disappointing news for players that have continually asked to use them. This comes straight from Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV. The actual statement is pretty simple: Final Fantasy XIV third party tools are banned, and if you're caught using them then your account will be suspended and then banned for repeat offenses. Fair enough.

What are Final Fantasy XIV third party tools?

Yoshida admits that it is impossible for Square Enix to check which programs are installed on everyone's PC, and thus can't make blanket decisions on what programs aren't allowed. However, if a program falls under these categories, you definitely can't use them without repercussions:

  1. Use of tools that allow players to more easily complete content.
  2. Modification of the UI to display additional information.
  3. Use of packet spoofing tools.
  4. Any actions or public statements that promote use of third-party tools.

So, if any programs affect Final Fantasy XIV in the aforementioned ways, you're probably going to get suspended or banned. Don't do it if you want to keep playing. Also, if you're reading this and are disheartened by this news, there's still a glimmer of hope. Square is looking into enhancing the functionality of the game's HUD, so in that particular instance Final Fantasy XIV third party tools wouldn't be needed.

This nicely leads into the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account congratulating the first teams to clear Dragonsong's Reprise on Ultimate difficulty. As this was the hardest duty Square Enix has ever made "without a doubt", it's a nice accomplishment for those who have been in the World First race. Yoshida points out that Square released this duty (along with all other duties in the past) as content that's clearable with the game's standard features. Essentially, Yoshida is saying that Final Fantasy XIV third party tools aren't needed to clear the highest level of content available in-game, so get gud, scrub.

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