No, Destiny is not going Pay-to-Win

Published: October 14, 2015 3:15 PM /


Destiny The Taken King

A rumor has been circulating this morning with the latest update to Bungie's popular FPS Destiny. After the new patch came out, the data-mining began so that avid fans of the game could see whether there were any new weapons, items, or quests that would be appearing. After the time gate that was the Sleeper Simulant, fans are looking for the next exciting hunt.

From all the data that people have looked into, a couple of items have appeared that have people believing Destiny will become Pay-to-Win. The items in question are the Heuristic Light, Indomitable Light, and Valorous Light. They were going to allow you to receive more Moldering Shards during the raid, or increase likelihood for armor and weapons in the normal and hard mode King's Fall raid. After being pointed out by user Anatamize, the news of Destiny being P2W quickly hit Reddit. Over on NeoGaf Luke Smith was very quick to respond to players fears by commenting the following:

Couple things:

The Valorous/Heuristic/Indomitable Light were Three of Coins-like buffs sold by the Speaker for Motes+Planetary Materials (I honestly don't remember exactly what they cost, [but it was never Silver] I can't keep the entire economy in my head) but for a variety of bug-related reasons they were removed. They were also - as has been pointed out - in the data files before TTK shipped.

Someone PM me when Zoba hasn't talked about TLW for a month (seriously, move on). Clock starts now ;b

It was even stated that these Light items had appeared in Destiny even before The Taken King update. He then followed up that statement more publicly via Twitter:

Interestingly enough, there was no comment on any of the other items that people have noticed in this update. There are Level 25 starter packs for each of the classes and other items that increase XP gain from each of the races. Each of the starter packs allow you to rank up that class to 25, fully level a subclass instantly, and receive telemetries for your weapons.

You could question whether there other items are pay to win but with a level 40 cap getting to 25 isn't all that helpful. If these are added into the game then they are just a way for players to skip all the content from vanilla Destiny, which could be good for new players or for players starting a new character.

Are you glad that Destiny isn't getting these P2W items? Are you ok with items to help players get to level 25?


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