No, Bethesda Didn't Send the Power Armor Edition Bag to Influencers

Published: December 1, 2018 8:00 PM /


fallout 76

The internet has been buzzing about canvas bags given to Fallout Influencers during a promotional event at The Greenbrier in West Virginia for Fallout 76. Despite being made of canvas, it is not the same bag as was advertised in the $200 Power Armor Edition of the game.

For a little bit of context, Bethesda's $200 Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition was supposed to come with a bag made from canvas material. What customers got instead was a very cheap nylon bag that did not represent the final advertised product. This has sparked outrage in the community, and the law firm originally suing Bethesda for deceptive trade practices has now expanded their investigation to include NylonGate (or as some less cool people are calling it CanvasGate).

As can be seen in this YouTube video, Fallout influencer Starsnipe received a canvas bag last October at The Greenbrier event, along with other goodies. It is very important to note that although the bag does indeed appear to be made out of canvas, it is a completely different design from the Power Armor Edition bag, which was more like a duffel bag rather than a backpack with leather straps.

Despite the differences, the fact that influencers received a canvas bag for free while those paying out $200 got a completely different item than was advertised has angered many. Bethesda claimed the reason behind not being able to supply canvas bags was either due to difficulty in securing the proper materials or it being too expensive.

Bethesda has not commented on the reason why influencer's received the canvas bag, but they are offering 500 atoms (amounting to $5) to Power Armor Edition owners (which could essentially forgo your right to sue the company if you deemed it necessary). For now, stay tuned for more news on this issue when it develops.

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