Nintendo Teases Book 3 and Showcases New Mode for Fire Emblem Heroes

Published: November 8, 2018 2:26 PM /



Intelligent Systems is adding more content to the already jam-packed mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes. This includes a new mode and special item, with new story content on the way next month.

The new mode starting on November 9th is called Aether Raids. This mode is sort of like Fire Emblem Heroes' take on Fates' My Castle mode. You will be tasked with attacking other player's Aether Keep, which will feature defensive structures and a customized team of four.

You can build offensive structures to help you seize someone's Aether Keep, but this consumes a resource called Aether Stones. You can gain more of these stones by playing the game mode, letting you build more structures to increase your offensive capabilities.

On the flip side, you'll have to manage your own Aether Keep by creating defensive structures and using your own team. You can place various buildings around the map and adjust the placement of your heroes. Some of these structures can heal your units, while others might restrict an enemy's movement. Building these structures also consumes Aether Shards.

There is also an ability to automatically place any of your buildings if you aren't strategically inclined. Another bit worth noting is that these raids are not infinite, but will consume an energy bar that refills once every 24 hours. By climbing the Aether Raid ranks, you gain more Aether Shards and the newly announced special item, Heroic Grails.

Heroic Grails are used to recruit Grand Hero Battle and Tempest Trial units. These units are usually time-gated and players can normally only have a few of them. Heroic Grails allow you to recruit up to 20 of these heroes, allowing players to recruit, merge and inherit their skills.

Fire Emblem Heroes Heroic Grails

The unit Xander, for example, requires 100 Heroic Grails. Each summon increases future costs of recruitment by 50 Heroic Grails. The 10th summon onward costs 500 Heroic Grails.  Remember, the only way to gain more of this currency is through Aether Raids.

The end of the stream also teased more story content. Fire Emblem Heroes' Book III will release December 2018. The only details we have to go on are some words that were shown on screen, and a picture of Sharena looking quite distressed.

The words said, "That day, the light died." What this means, it isn't clear, but with Book III releasing soon, fans won't have to wait long.

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