Nintendo Switch Supports Up to 2TB MicroSDXC; Will Not Have "Supply Issues"

Published: January 15, 2017 2:15 PM /


Nintendo Switch Basic Screen

News regarding the Nintendo Switch has been pouring in, and most of it is good. After dazzling fans and consumers alike, more information about the Switch is becoming readily available, including an important bit of info regarding hard drive space.

The Nintendo Switch will launch with a 32 gig internal storage, but it has been confirmed that the storage capabilities can be upgraded with a microSDXC Card. According to Game Informer, a statement by Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch can hold up to 2 TB of storage with a microSDXC card.

It should be noted that a 2 TB microSDXC is currently unavailable on the market, with the largest capacity currently standing at 256 GB. The price for a 256 GB microSDXC also stands between $70-$200, depending on the brand purchased.

Storage issues are a possible concern for the Nintendo Switch, as the 32 GB internal storage is roughly at the same level as the Wii U, and games are constantly using more storage to fit an entire title, especially for digital downloads. It was reported that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,  for example, will take up to 13.4 GB of hard drive space if you download the game from the Nintendo eShop. Considering the early lineup for the Switch, upgrading the memory with a microSDXC card might be a wise move come the holidays. This may trouble some who see the Switch as a little pricey as it stands.

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Breaking down the different parts of the system.

Other bits of news come from Nintendo of America COO, Reggie Fils-Aime.

In an interview with Wired, Fils-Aime discussed the online services and potential for virtual console support on the Switch. He confirmed the online service will have games free for one month, which Fils-Aime noted is  part of their overall online service strategy: to provide a subscription based model that "will capture the multiplayer opportunity, but also the voice chat capability that we're going to provide through a global app." The use of on-the-go multiplayer has become a major cornerstone for the subscription service.

Another interesting tidbit regards potential supply issues for the console. Fils-Aime noted that two million consoles will be shipped worldwide at launch for the first three weeks of March. He also stated that two million units should be large enough to cover early demand for the console, and he does not foresee a similar issue for the Switch as what occurred with the NES Classic a few months prior—the high demand caught Nintendo by surprise.

"What happened with NES Classic is that was a situation where the global demand was well in excess of anything we had anticipated, and that’s what created shortages," states Fils-Aime. "The good news, at least for consumers in the Americas, is we’re going to continue to make the NES Classic available. With the ongoing level of supply, the ongoing demand is going to be met. We know the concern.

The Nintendo Switch is set for release worldwide on March 3rd, and will launch with five games, including Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Check out our coverage of the Nintendo Switch Event here for more information.

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