Nintendo Switch Online Gets New NES Games, Rewind Feature On July 17th

Published: July 10, 2019 9:00 AM /


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Nintendo Switch Online is getting two more NES games on July 17th. When the update drops, you'll also be able to rewind NES gameplay.

First up is 1985's puzzle-action game Wrecking Crew. This game stars Mario and Luigi and sees the two plumbers attempting to destroy objects within a level. Unlike in his most iconic incarnations, Mario can't jump in Wrecking Crew. This means you'll need to find an optimal order in which to destroy each level's objects without jumping. Armed with just a hammer, Mario (and Luigi if you're in 2-player mode) must make a name for himself as a one-man wrecking crew.


The second Nintendo Switch Online NES game in July is Donkey Kong 3. You won't be playing as Mario (or Jumpman) in this one. Instead, you play as an exterminator called Stanley. Donkey Kong is encroaching on your greenhouse and destroying your flowers. With only a can of bug spray, you'll need to fend off the titular ape until he's out of sight. Donkey Kong 3 is more of a shooter than a platformer and is a pretty radical departure from its forebears.

Lastly in July, Nintendo Switch Online is getting a rewind feature for its entire NES library. It's pretty simple: if you get stuck or you want to replay a section, hold down ZL and ZR on your Switch controller. Whatever game you're playing will rewind itself and you'll be back where you were earlier. We don't know how much gameplay you'll actually be able to rewind yet or whether there's a restriction on this feature. Either way, you can use the rewind feature with every single NES game on Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online is the Switch's paid online subscription service. Being a subscriber allows you to play games online, gives you access to an expanding library of NES games, and means you can upload save games to the cloud. You can get one month for $3.99, three months for $7.99, and twelve months for $19.99. There's also a family membership option available, which allows up to eight Nintendo accounts in a family group to use Nintendo Switch Online.

Are you looking forward to the new NES games? Will you be using the rewind feature? Let us know in the comments below!



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