Nintendo Showing Off Weird New Motion Controller, More Details Soon

Published: September 5, 2019 9:25 PM /


switch fit controller

Nintendo loves their weird controllers. From the Wii Fit Balance Board, to Nintendo Labo, they've always found strange ways to make you get into the game. It seems like Nintendo is looking to do so once again with what appears to be a Switch Fit controller of sorts.

Announcing it on Twitter with a two-minute trailer, Nintendo will be launching a new controller for the Nintendo Switch. It's made up of two parts. One wraps around your leg, while the other is a big circle that you hold in both hands. You'll also snap a Joycon into each part of the controller. The part held in your hands can be bent, allowing some flexibility in how it's used. The trailer shows people from all over the world snapping the Joycons into it, then playing games. We get peaks at families from Rome to Texas playing together and laughing at whatever is happening on screen. It then ends promising more information on September 12th.

What's missing from the trailer? Well, actual games. Nintendo hasn't shown any of the games the people in the trailer appear to be playing. There's various ideas throw about. One person appears to be using the controller to play an archery game, while another squeezes it between her legs. It's likely this is an extension of Nintendo's Wii Fit line of games, and will mostly be used for fitness games. However, there's no confirmation of any of that, just what appears to be shown off in the video.

While Nintendo hasn't given any details outside of that video, not even a name or price point, we'll be learning more about it on September 12th.

How do you feel about this new controller? Any idea what it will be called or think it will be something boring like Switch Fit? Any thoughts on what kind of crazy games it will be used to play? Let us know in the comments below!

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