[Updated] Twitch No Longer Streaming Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Due to Nintendo Saying No-Costreaming to Creators

Nintendo is sending out gift packages while warning Japanese streamers not to co-stream their upcoming E3 2021 Nintendo Direct panel.

Published: June 15, 2021 9:57 AM /


Mario, easily the most well-known Nintendo character.

Update 11:35 AM Eastern: Twitch has just sent out a tweet announcing that they are backing out of broadcasting the Nintendo Direct on /twitchgaming because "all creators can't co-stream." This would seem to imply that the restrictions are more universal, as in Japan Twitch tends to be smaller and there are fewer Japanese creators on the platform.

The original article follows below:

With Nintendo's E3 Direct just around the corner, fans are getting excited at what Nintendo has in store. However, in the run-up to the big event, the company has been sending some mixed signals to its fans with packages of goodies and warnings to Japanese streamers.

E3 2021 almost over, but Nintendo is very excited to share what they have to offer today. It's such a big deal for them, as Nintendo Life reports, that they've sent out gift packages with "break in case of extreme excitement" to certain fans. The goodies in the package include a hoodie and a letter from the company, which makes sure to note that none of the things in the package are hints about what to expect during the Direct. Meanwhile, GamesIndustry.biz has found that Nintendo's Japanese Twitter account has posted a warning to streamers. When translated, the statement reads:

Please refrain from mirror distribution of Nintendo Direct video and audio during live distribution of Nintendo Direct. Simultaneous viewing distribution without mirror distribution is possible. After the live distribution of Nintendo Direct, you can post a video that handles the distributed video as long as the content complies with the guidelines.

The pakcage sent by Nintendo to certain fans.

The phrase "simultaneous viewing" distribution without mirror distribution" seems to imply that it's possible to broadcast live reactions to what happens, but not actual video or audio. Once the Direct is over, footage of the Direct can then be edited into videos. It's worth noting that Japan has much stricter laws about streaming compared to other countries, and given that the message is in Japanese only, this may only apply to Japanese streamers. Nintendo has restrictive guidelines for Japanese streamers, that were released following the retirement of their Nintendo Creators Prgoram that required everyone to register videos with them if they wanted to monetize them. Still, there's a certain dissonance to send out "extreme excitement" packages to one group of fans while providing strict guidelines on how the Direct can be shared to another group.

Nintendo's E3 Direct will be held today at 12pm Eastern, followed by a E3 2021 Nintendo Treehouse Live presentation.

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