Nintendo Launches New Interactive Pokemon Snap Preview Site

Published: April 23, 2021 9:42 AM /


The New Pokemon Snap Explore the Lental Region banner

Nintendo has launched a new preview website to promote the impending launch of New Pokemon Snap. The site is titled "Explore the Lental Region" and offers details about the game, as well as the chance to earn Nintendo Platinum Points to exchange for rewards.

What is the New Pokemon Snap Explore the Lental Region website?

You can check out the new website right here. Once you've logged in with your Nintendo account, you'll be presented with a map and the chance to explore several points of interest. Each one presents a number of activities to check out, each of which will tell you more about certain Pokemon and their habitats. Every location also has a special photo frame you can use to decorate your selfies. As you go, you'll also be granted the chance to earn My Nintendo Platinum Points, which you'll be able to redeem for "upcoming New Pokemon Snap items", according to Nintendo.


The Explore the Lental Region site for New Pokemon Snap
Here's the map you'll be using when you "Explore the Lental Region" on the New Pokemon Snap preview website.

Handily, you don't need to complete the entire Explore the Lental Region website in a single sitting, so you can return at any time and resume where you left off. There are eight locations in total to explore: Nighttime, Jungle, Using Items, Beach, Nature Park, Desert, Photodex & Album, and Daytime. They all correspond to mechanics or habitats in New Pokemon Snap, so if you're excited about the game, make sure you spend some time checking them all out and unlocking the photo frames.

A Magikarp in the Nighttime scene in New Pokemon Snap's new Explore the Lental Region website
Magikarp is just one of the many Pokemon you'll be able to snap in New Pokemon Snap.

You'll get a chance to "explore the Lental region" for real when New Pokemon Snap launches for Nintendo Switch on April 30th. It'll be available physically and digitally, and unlike the recent Super Mario 3D All-Stars, will remain on sale indefinitely. The Explore the Lental Region website, however, is only sticking around until May 31st, so make sure you grab your photo frames and Platinum Points before then.

Are you excited to check out New Pokemon Snap? Let us know in the comments below!


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