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Yo-Kai Watch

Nintendo has rolled back the curtain further on Level 5's Yo-Kai Watch.

Details are still fairly scarce, but we do know that the game has you befriending Yo-Kai, or Japanese for spirits. Players will be able to control either a male or female character, and help save the town of Springdale.

Yo-Kai Watch is offering several 3DS features. First, players need to search for mo Yo-Kai in the world by using the Yo-Kai lens, an after befriending several different Yo-Kai, you can store them in the titular Yo-Kai Watch for use in battle. Players befriend Yo-Kai by giving them a food that they like before beginning battle, and after defeating the Yo-Kai it approaches the player character, allowing it to be summoned at will.

As players befriend more and more Yo-Kai, you can aid them in battle by using the touch-screen and stylus to give them a boost in power. From tracing to spinning, to tapping and even blowing into the screen, Level 5 has found a way to make Yo-Kai Watch a unique experience on the 3DS.

Yo-Kai Watch certainly has a "Pokémon " vibe attached to it, it looks like Level 5 is doing their best to differentiate themselves from the Nintendo franchise.

Yo-Kai Watch was developed back in 2013 for Japan. Since then, Yo-Kai Watch has become a major franchise in Japan, with an ongoing manga and  anime series. Several other games have already been developed for the 3DS. The game being released is the first game of the series.

Yo-Kai Watch will be released this holiday season for the 3DS.

So what do you think, are you ready to befriend some spirits in Yo-Kai Watch? Leave your comments below.

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