Nintendo E3 2015 - Xenoblades Chronicles X

Published: June 16, 2015 1:38 PM /



In a new set of video from Nintendo, during their E3 Nintendo Direct we saw a bit of footage for the upcoming game Xenoblades Chronicles X for the Wii U. Not knowing a whole lot about the series, the game showed what seemed to be a very futuristic and robotic mech style within the trailer, and the combat elements seems to indicate an RPG like the games of old. This time around, they seem to be stranded on a deadly planet of sorts, but not a lot of details beyond that are available at this time. The game will be available on December 4th, 2015.

The game will have you try to find stasis pods that were ejected onto the planet's surface and in addition attempting to install data probes around the planet. It's an action RPG in the style of the old games, with incremental improvements to tweak the combat. The gamepad will be used as an information terminal more then anything else, taking advantage of the second screen in question. The characters in this game had to evacuate Earth and made their way to this planet on the ship The White Whale,  probably a reference to a certain fable of old. They put together a city of New Los Angeles, and are still being hunted by other races while attempting to adapt to their new life.

As TechRaptor gets more information, we will post it here as we get it.


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