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Nintendo E3 2015 - Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

June 16, 2015 1:43 PM

By: Don Parsons


Have you been awaiting for Nintendo to join the full Toys to Life genre of gaming? Do you compulsively collect amiibos despite how badly Nintendo has provided supply?

Well than Nintendo has created a Mario Party style experience for you!





Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival has been announced for the WiiU and for the game you will need amiibo to play the game. Each turn put your amiibo in on the WiiU gamepad and it will read it to track who's turn it is. The board is based on the calendar and includes all four seasons and seasonal events.



The game has up to 4 players and is designed to function like a Mario Party-esq game with Amiibos with the turn based and travelling map being very similar. There are also 4 new Amiibo coming in conjunction with it in Isabelle, KK Slider, Tom Nook and Mabel. You can also use Animal Crossing amiibo cards in minigames.

You will be able to collect Happy Points when you play with your friends and bring the points home to expand your own game as they will be tracked on the amiibo.




It is coming Holiday 2015. There isn't much more at this time.

Don Parsons
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