Nintendo Direct September 2016 - Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Alola Rattata Pokémon Sun and Moon

The latest Nintendo direct kicked off with Pokémon Sun and Moon, showing off a few new tidbits for players to enjoy.

Most of the direct focused on the basic information already released, but the two big bits come from a new Alolan Pokémon, Alolan Rattata, who has transformed into the Normal/Dark type.  The reason for the change is to avoid predators such as the native Pokémon Yungoos, who only hunts for Rattata and other prey during the day. The video also showed how these Rattata seem to congregate on coastlines and cities in Alola. 

There was no reveal of Rattata's evolution, Raticate, turning into this new type, but the change is likely following suit with Alolan form Vulpix and Sandshrew.

The second major feature showed off talked about the new Z-moves. The moves themselves depend on the type of crystal players use on their Pokémon , and the video also mentioned that certain Z-moves will only only work for specific Pokémon, showing an Alolan Raichu using what may be a singular Z-move called Stoked Sparksurfer. 

In addition to all of that, the video announced a Munchlax for players to obtain if they pre-order Pokémon Sun and Moon. This Munchlax will be available from launch to January 2017, and comes with the item Snorlean-Z, which gives Snorlax a special Z-move, Pulverizing Pancake. 

Pokémon Sun and Moon is scheduled for a November 18th release for the Nintendo 3DS. 

What do you think of the new Alolan form? How about the information on Z-Moves, or the pre-order Munchlax? Leave your comments below.

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