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Nintendo Direct Sep 2016 - Pikmin 3DS

Gaming article by Alex Santa Maria on Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 12:12

Captain Olimar is touching down on Nintendo 3DS for the first time in a non-Smash Bros. capacity when Pikmin goes portable in Pikmin 3DS. The lost space adventurer and his band of plant-based companions will be marching forward on a 2D plane, forgoing the series' strategy roots for a sidescrolling action-oriented approach.


Pikmin Boss Fight

Gameplay shown featured familiar traits from the returning breeds of Pikmin, including fire resistant reds and blues that are at home swimming under the sea. From what was shown, Olimar will be attacking his opponents by throwing Pikmin, similar to the way that Yoshi launches eggs at his foes. Levels will stretch across both screens on the 3DS, allowing for some verticality as well as massive fights with bosses like the pictured Bulborb.


There was no word on amiibo support, but there is already an Olimar figure for the Smash Bros. line that you could imagine would do something.

Pikmin 3DS two screens

This was an early first look at Pikmin 3DS, as more information and a more permanent title will be revealed sometime before the game's 2017 debut.

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