Nintendo Direct Recap February 13 2014

Published: February 14, 2014 9:00 AM /


Nintendo Direct

If you missed, or lagged horribly during the presentation yesterday (like myself) here is what you missed: a new Super Smash Bros character announced, a bunch of new racers for Mario Kart 8, NES Remix Volume 2, and tons of trailers for more games! So lets recap:

From assist trophy to fighter, Little Mack beats up on Sonic!
From assist trophy to fighter, Little Mack beats up on Sonic!

Little Mack joins the cast of fighters in the next Super Smash Bros, shown off in an awesome trailer training and then ultimately laying the smackdown on everybody, showing off his fighting style featuring a special KO move which knocks characters off the maps!

Kirby Triple Deluxe will be coming to Nintendo 3DS and 2DS devices on May 2.  May will be a big month for Nintendo, showing off a new trailer for Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U featuring the Koopalings as characters.  Personally there are many other characters I would have rather seen, but hey I love as many characters as they pack in!

Nintendo also answered to the hardcore fans, and all you Nintendoubters out there with not only a gameplay trailer of the highly anticipated X rpg coming sometime in 2014, they also gave fans a trailer to their Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2.

A new volume of NES Remix is also a nice surprise, adding new challenges to your favorite classics, and a full version of the original Super Mario Bros but as Luigi and now heading right to left (instead of the classic left to right) included!

Now finally I would like to cover the weirdest announcement: GBA games coming to the Wii U this spring, including Metroid Fusion, one of my all time favs. Ok cool I love to play these games and will buy them where ever you release them... but seriously... the 3DS virtual console is severely lacking and considering its been years since the ambassador program where you gave GBA and NES games, its time to release them to the public. Handheld games not on my fully capable handheld and there are more 3DS and 2DS in the wild than Wii U... So Nintendo do you not like money? Seems simple...and lets go ahead and bring Gamecube games to the Wii U's virtual console ;)

To watch the full Nintendo Direct in full and see all the announcements click below!


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