Nintendo Direct E3 2019 - Daemon X Machina Flies Onto the Switch in September

Published: June 11, 2019 1:32 PM /


daemon x machina nintendo direct e3 2019

The stylish cel-shaded Daemon X Machina, first revealed at last year's E3, got a brand new trailer in the Nintendo Direct Showcase this year that not only show off some stylish gameplay but more high-flying action.

The game will involve players using giant mechs - called Arsenals - to take down massive A.I controlled robots who are threatening to destroy what's left of the world. The player can customize their Arsenals abilities and appearances with a multitude of weapons and gear, and can even swap out pieces of the fly from downed enemy Arsenals as they see fit to change their own tactics against the machines. This allows flexibility for player builds and adaptability to take down tougher enemy bosses.

The trailer shows off some of that action with its gorgeous cel-shaded graphical style. We see robots fighting robots, attack ships and more on fairly diverse looking landscapes, complete with big explosions to top it all off.

Daemon X Machina is also a co-op styled game, with up to four players joining together to fight giant robot monsters at the same time. We also see in the trailer for the first time some story bits, including a look at several other pilots in their Arsenal's as they face down giant robots. One interesting little tidbit is the ability for your pilot to walk without his Arsenal, though there is no indication by the trailer that the player will be able to fight back without the help of the mech suit.

The big reveal for Daemon X Machina was its release date at the end of the trailer. The game, by developer Marvelous First Studio, will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on September 13th, 2019.

What are your thoughts on Daemon X Machina? Do you plan on partaking in the co-op mech actions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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