Nintendo Direct 2/17 Recap

The long-awaited return of Nintendo is here, after over 500 days without a Nintendo Direct.

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Nintendo Direct Screen

After 530 days of waiting, the latest Nintendo Direct is finally here. It was one that is certainly a long time coming, with plenty of games to reveal and report on that I am sure players are eager to sink their teeth into. All that's confirmed for sure is that there will be some Super Smash Bros news, what that is exactly is up in the air. Stay tuned to this piece as we keep it updated!

Nintendo Direct Smash Bros

Xenoblade Chronicles' 2 Pyra joining Smash Bros

Nintendo kicked off the direct with a new trailer from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The trailer showcased the character Rex, searching for Pyra, who then revealed she got an invitation to join Smash Bros Ultimate.

Yep, Nintendo started this Nintendo Direct with a Smash Bros. reveal without even tipping their hand to it. Pyra shows off some sweet moves against the best and brightest of Nintendo, before transforming into Mythra. It turns out, you can cycle through Mythra and Pyra together to fight against other opponents. Finally, CEO Takahashi comes on steam to announce that this character will be joining the battle in March

Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch!

Fall Guys takes a spot real quick to announce that the game is finally coming to the Switch later in 2021. Outer Wilds then takes the stage, showing off some of its gorgeous visuals and critically acclaimed gameplay.

Nintendo Direct Fall Guys

After that, two classic murder mystery games from Nintendo’s history come in with Famicom Detective Club, classic Famicom games never before released outside of Japan. Completely remastered and translated for the first time in the West, Famicom Detective Club, now with subtitles The Missing Heir and the Girl who Stands Behind, will be available on the Nintendo Eshop on May 14th.

Samurai Warriors 5 gets a short trailer, with Koei Temco. Character designs and visuals have been revamped, as players will focus this time around on Nobunaga Oda and his journey of conquest.

Return to Mana

Legend of Mana HD Remastered is coming to switch as well! The player will go on a journey to the Mana Tree, all the while placing artifacts across the blank world map, to create a magical world all to their own, at their own pace. A few new features have been added, from a new mini-game called ring-ring land to re-arranged music that can be toggled on and off for the player. These additions only highlight the appeal of this charming classic Legend of Mana is scheduled for a launch on the Switch on June 24th. 

Nintendo Direct Monster Hunter

A new Monster Hunter Rise trailer shows off the volcanic and desert regions. The trailer also confirmed the return of the Basarios and introduces a Boss Rush Mode. The trailer also announced a new themed switch and pro controller.

Are your skills up to par?

Mario Golf: SuperRush is the next title revealed at the Nintendo Direct. Play with Mario, Daisy, Bowser, and Waluigi across a variety of beautiful courses.

New features include a shot gauge and a terrain scan, plus some revamped, optional motion controls. You also get a lot of new arcade modes, such as speed golf, where you literally race to get a hole in one as quickly as possible. You even get a Mii character to play as for new storyline, where you can level up your character with stats such as Power, Speed, and Stamina and use that to improve your golf game, and develop your Mii however you wish.

Mario Golf: SuperRush will be available for pre-orders after the Nintendo Direct ends, and will launch on June 25th. 

A few titles making their appearance on Nintendo Switch include Tales from the Borderlands on March 24th, Capcom Arcade Stadium that will be available today, and Stubbs the Zombie that will also be launching March 16th.

Frantic action and free running in Neon White

We get a first look at a new title from Annapurna Interactive with Neon White. A new action-RPG hybrid where you play an assassin in heaven. Gameplay is fast and frantic, reminiscent of Mirror's Edge with smooth movement and gameplay, and utilizing some sort of card system for actions and attacks. Neon White is currently planned for release for the Winter of 2021. 

Nintendo Direct DC Super Girls

Fans of Batgirl, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and more will have a fun time with DC SuperHero Girls: Teen Power, a chibi-styled take on the famous heroines from DC comics. Go to school, hang out with your friends, and fight crime with your favorite heroines starting on June 4th. 

The next of the titles coming to the Nintendo Switch is Plants vs Zombies Battle For Neighborhood Complete Edition. This game will put all of the zany PvZ action in the palm of your hands. This game will be available on March 19th with pre-orders starting today.

In Miitopia you can cash your different Mii characters as different roles in your city. These Miis will take on these roles and develop through these adventures. With new features like makeup and wigs, you can team up with these Miis to go on great adventures. This game will hit the eShop on May 21st.

Nintendo Direct Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also getting some love with Super Mario Themed items, as a part of the 35th-anniversary celebration of Super Mario Bros. Warp pipes, coins, thwomps, and most importantly, a Mario and Luigi Costume, are among the items available. The update comes February 25th, with the items being available for March 1st.

Project Triangle Strategy impresses with its looks

Project Triangle Strategy was perhaps one of the bigger surprises during the Nintendo Direct. Touted as a tactical RPG that will “test the courage of your convictions.” The game takes place during the Saltiron War, a conflict between nations over the precious resources of Salt and Iron. The main faction includes the Kingdom of Glenbrook and several characters who would fight against their foes using a battle system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics.

Nintendo Direct Project Triangle Strategy

Complete with the Octopath Traveler Aesthetic, Project Triangle Strategy is a mix of classical tactical strategy with some new or revamped mechanics, such as terrain movement, flanking attacks, and linking attacks that can affect even the terrain, such as pouring water onto squares than hitting it with lightning. 

Choice and consequences that represent Morality, Liberty, and Utility as divergent story paths and even recruitment for characters who join your party. You also have major story decisions that are put to a vote on the games ‘scale of conviction system, where you need to use information you gathered to sway your own allies toward the decision you want to make. The story changes significantly based on how the votes are cast, so you need to plan accordingly if you want to get your way.

A Debut demo of Project Triangle Strategy will be available right after the Nintendo Direct. No official release date was revealed yet.

Star Wars Hunters, a competitive online shooter between episodes 6 and 7 will be coming out in 2021. While we don’t have much in terms of information on the game we do know that it will be coming this year and will be free to play.

Nintendo continues their trend of putting a strange spin on competitive shooters. First with Splatoons and now in Knockout City Nintendo is giving players the chance to compete in competitive dodgeball. Complete with multilevel arenas and all kinds of zany costumes. Knockout City will release May 21st.

Nintendo Direct World's End Club

World’s End Club is a new game from the creators of Danganronpa. You play as part of a group of kids stuck in an underwater theme park. This title will be available on May 28th.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Trilogy Finally Announced

The Ninja Gaiden Sigma Trilogy was finally revealed after a fair amount of speculation to its existence. We know the trilogy was first leaked a while ago, who correctly predicted elements of previous Nintendo Directs. We also have a store listing for the trilogy from the website xtralife, which all but confirmed its existence until now. This collection will be available June 10th.

Plenty of Legend of Zelda to go around

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors is getting a solid expansion pass for $19.99. The first bits will be made available starting May 28th, 2021, adding a few weapons and costumes for Link. Following that is Wave 1 of the pass in June of 2021, adding new weapon types, characters, challenges, and more to the game. Finally, Wave 2 comes in November 2021, with brand new stages, characters, and more added in. 

Some quick reveals that were rallied off were Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins Resurrection, Bravely Default II, SaGa Frontier Remastered coming April 15th, and Apex Legends coming out on March 9th.

Nintendo Direct Skyward Sword

One of the biggest surprises is the revival of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Switch. Now in glorious HD, the game is getting a massive re-release for the Switch that is completely revamping the game's controls, to make them more intuitive to fit the joy-con controller setup. Those not looking to play Skyward Sword HD with motion controls are in luck too; they can play it with buttons only. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD will be released on July 16th.

What's that? Is it a squid?

The final announcement from the Nintendo Direct turned out to be a major surprise. We see an Inkling from the Splatoon series, but features a more desolate, dark opening in a desert, before transitioning to Japantown and revealing it, is, in fact, Splatoon 3

A new map, featuring the odd desert world is shown, along with a few new weapons such as a bow and mechanical crab, and weaponry decals. It looks like Splatoon 3 has a ton more customization attached to it, and is currently being planned for a 2022 release.

With that, the Nintendo Direct wrapped up. With all kinds of news about games coming soon, and those we'll be waiting a while for, what were you most excited for?

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