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With the releases of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon less than two months away, Nintendo has recently outlined some of the new features coming to these editions of Sun and Moon that were not available in the original games. Mainly, Ultra Sun and Moon will include a new trial led by a new captain, a new mini-game that will involve players surfing on the back of a Mantine, and a photo mode.

You can check out the trailer showing off some of the new content below:

While past Pokemon games had you competing in a series of gym battles until you could ultimately challenge the Elite Four, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon mixed up the formula last year by introducing the Island Challenge. This challenge had you undergo a series of trials, each headed by a different captain. Ultra Sun and Moon will introduce an additional trial to the game, this one led by Captain Mina.

According to NintendoUltra Sun and Moon will also bring some new Pokemon into the mix. The company's post says that over 400 Pokemon will be available in these versions, many of which were not available in the original Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games. It might also be important to keep in mind that some Pokemon are exclusive to one version of the game, and this could be the case with the new additions, too.

Dusk Form Lycanroc Anime Reveal Ultra Sun Ultra Moon
One of the new Pokemon we know is coming to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is a dusk form for the rock-type Pokemon Lycanroc. You can read more about this announcement here.

Mantine Surf is a mini-game being added to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. While you can still surf around the Alola region normally with any Pokemon that can learn the TM, it seems you can now use a Mantine to take part in a special surfing mini-game. Looking at the trailer, it looks like you have to perform tricks to try and net yourself a higher score in the mode.

The last new piece of information Nintendo showed off in this most recent trailer is the addition of the Alola Photo Club. By visiting a certain location in game, you can pose for pictures with your Pokemon. Afterward, you can mess with your photos and do things like add borders and stickers to the pictures.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will be released for the 3DS on November 17, 2017. For more on some of the past announcements for these two games, read here.

If you need some Pokemon to hold you over until then, you can now purchase Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold for the 3DS. Also, Pokken Tournament DX recently came out for the Switch, in case you want a vastly different kind of Pokemon experience.

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