Nintendo, The Console, and The Future: A response to Brian Crecente

Published: May 18, 2015 1:00 PM /


Nintendo NX

Despite my problems with the current YouTube environment and what that means for critical coverage for Nintendo on YouTube, I still like the company as a whole. And in particular, I've always admired their business strategy in terms of not panicking with their long term vision and not doing anything horribly drastic. To me that's a sign of a company that knows what it wants to do and attempts to execute. It doesn't always go their way, but most of the time, they seem to make out alright.

Recently, Brian Crecente from Polygon wrote an opinion piece regarding Nintendo needing to move away from the console we know today. Now, while I respect Brian as a writer and believe the opinion piece came as a reaction to concerning elements of the industry, I found myself looking at the piece very critically, as I believe it stretched facts and points to support the overall conclusion. So in this weeks video, despite Nintendo's monetization of that video, I wanted to break down the article in terms of where I saw the flaws of the argument that Mr. Crecente put forward and in particular, why Nintendo should not do what Brian suggested in terms of the future of it's console.

Does Nintendo need to get away from the console in general and go with a service, or is Mr. Crecente coming from a wrong place on this issue? Is the console itself harmful to the industry, or do you think it creates competition? And in particular, do you see more consoles emulating the SteamBox and SteamOS solution for years to come?


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