Nintendo Clarifies Metroid: Samus Returns Amiibo Content Gating

Published: August 8, 2017 1:49 PM /


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Nintendo was in hot water last week when it was first revealed that the upcoming Amiibo's being launched for Metroid: Samus Returns would have gated content attached to them.

Most of the outrage focused on the "Fusion difficulty" found in the Metroid Amiibo, which comes packaged as a bundle with a Samus Amiibo when they hit retail stores later this year. Many has misconstrued the "Fusion Difficulty" to refer to a hard gameplay mode, but apparently, that is not the case according to Nintendo.

Nintendo stated to US Gamer that the game comes packaged with a hard mode that is unlocked when you beat the game, and it is not gated by any Amiibo. Instead, Fusion Mode is a harder difficulty - even harder than the in-game hard mode - that will feature Samus in her Fusion suit.

Metroid Samus Returns amiibo
The new Metroid: Samus Returns Amiibos, which come in a double pack.

US Gamer noted that Nintendo has already clarified this several times, by pointing to media outlets to look at their official Facebook statements on the Amiibos, arguing that it was clear Fusion Mode is separate from hard mode.

Many believe that the distinction was not clear, however, leading to general confusion over the Amiibos after they were announced.

Metroid: Samus Returns is compatible with four different Amiibos, including the two being released specifically for the game. Previous Amiibos from the Super Smash Bros. line will also contain bonuses that can be unlocked for the game, such as sound test and a picture gallery, to name a few.

Nintendo also revealed other promotional tie-ins for Metroid: Samus Returns, including a special 3DS XL edition for the game. The orange and yellow system will feature Samus in one of her trademark action poses, and will be released alongside Metroid: Samus Returns on September 15th.

Quick Take

While it is good that hard mode is not really gated by the Metroid Amiibo, the problem is Nintendo's experiment with adding bonus materials on Amiibos is a very odd practice. Effectively people are paying for DLC in figure form, and it's mostly DLC that is often included in games to begin with. The Wolf Link Amiibo is still a controversial subject on that, and now the Metroid Amiibo has become the next step in that debate.

Normally Nintendo is pretty good when it comes to DLC and extra content, but sometimes a misstep like this occurs. I don't like that Fusion Mode is gated, considering its locking out a difficulty mode and a skin swap for players, then it is at least not as egregious as hiding a whole extra dungeon or other features behind the figures.

What are your thoughts though? Is the Metroid Amiibo's content really ok? Leave your comments below. 

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