Nintendo announces DLC for Mario Kart 8; adding tracks, and new characters from other Nintendo franchises.

Published: August 26, 2014 10:22 PM /



Today Nintendo has announced two new DLC "content packs" for Mario Kart 8, to be sold for the equivalent of $7.99 each - and $11.99 when purchased at the same time in a bundle.

Beyond adding new Mario characters to the roster, each of the DLC packs will add characters from other prominent Nintendo franchises as well!

Both DLCs are set to contain two new cups, each totaling 8 new tracks per purchase; as well as new characters and vehicle sets for players to customize their racer with. Beyond that, Nintendo promises that anyone that purchases both DLC packs (whether it be separately or via a supposed "package" deal) will also gain new colorful skins for use on Yoshi and Shy Guy racers, totaling 8 colors each per character.

Some of the new tracks, vehicles, and racers in these content packs also have some other Nintendo IP's taking a "road-trip" of sorts - linking the Legend of Zelda series to the title, as well as showcasing a crossover with Animal Crossing's iconic characters Isabelle and the player Villager! This is the first time that Nintendo has not only added paid DLC to the Mario Kart universe, but it also opens the floodgates for the potential of other not-quite-mario-affiliated racers and tracks. That isn't to say that Nintendo is ignoring some Mario characters that may have gotten the shaft the first time around, either; as about half of the new racers are mario-related in full! Cat Peach and Tanooki Mario will join the roster alongside Dry Bowser, and some fan-favorite tracks that did not return for Mario Kart 8.

Although this DLC doesn't add any "new" Mario characters to the roster, various powered-up and "alternate" versions of characters are front and center.

The first expansion in the duo is set to arrive this November, and will be the content pack that includes link; while the second DLC will be released in May of next year. Meanwhile, the free Mercedes-Benz DLC will arrive tomorrow with the Nintendo eShop's weekly update.

We will continue to update once a more definitive release date for the DLC is revealed.

UPDATE: DLC prices and release time-frames updated.






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