Nintendo And DeNA Launch New Joint Venture Nintendo Systems

Published: April 3, 2023 9:08 AM /


The new Nintendo Systems logo over the top of a shot from Mario Odyssey

NIntendo has officially launched its new joint venture with mobile studio DeNA. Nintendo Systems, described as a "joint venture with DeNA Corporation" on its new official website (via machine translation), will work towards "strengthen[ing] the digitialization of Nintendo's business", per the original November announcement.

This joint venture between Nintendo and DeNA was first announced in November last year (don't worry if the Indie World showcase took your attention away from it). In that announcement, Nintendo pointed towards DeNA's work on Nintendo Account services as one of the primary reasons for setting up Nintendo Systems, which officially launched today.


On the new Nintendo Systems website (which is in Japanese), Nintendo says that the new company will "develop and operate systems and new services" to help deliver Nintendo's products to customers. The site also says that by combining "Nintendo and DeNA's respective obsessions on entertainment and technology" (machine translation, remember), Nintendo Systems aims to "create original entertainment innovations".

Mario Kart Tour, a mobile game worked on by both Nintendo and DeNA
Nintendo and DeNA's prior collaborations include Mario Kart Tour, as well as Super Mario Run and various Nintendo Account integrations and services.

You can see Nintendo Systems' new corporate website here. As you might imagine, it's fairly buzzword-heavy, but it does reiterate Nintendo Systems' commitment to creating "new innovations for the world driven by Nintendo's originality and knowledge of DeNA technology". 

You've probably heard DeNA's name before if you've played Mario Kart Tour or Super Mario Run on mobile devices. DeNA helped out with development and infrastructure work on those games, as well as contributing to Nintendo Account services. A joint venture between the two companies makes a lot of sense, given how closely they've collaborated in the past.

We'll have to wait and see what Nintendo Systems has in store. If you're located in Kyoto or Tokyo, though, or if you're planning to move there anytime soon, you might want to keep an eye on the company's website, as they're recruiting "mid-career employees" soon. Sadly, graduates won't be accepted, but if you fit the (admittedly rather specific) bill, there's no harm in trying, right?



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