Nintendo Account Users Can Now Add Two-Step Verification

Published: September 22, 2017 11:23 PM /


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Those who have a Nintendo Account now have the opportunity to add two-step verification to beef up the security on their account. This is optional and not necessary if a user does not wish to use it. You can set it up here.

The two-step verification utilizes the Google Authenticator app available on both iOS and Android. For those unfamiliar with the process, you will login normally to your Nintendo Account with your password. Once that's done you'll be met with another screen asking for a verification code, which you access through the Google Authenticator app. So, once they ask for the code, open the app to find the code and enter it. You must enter this code to login to your account. The code is not static either, as it is timed and will be constantly changing, so you don't have to worry about someone finding a particular code or remembering it.

Two-step verification is a ubiquitous feature that many will be happy to see come to Nintendo as the extra layer of security really does help protect an account. The only way someone could conceivably get into your account is if they knew your password and had access to your smart phone/smart device to get the verification code.

Quick Take

This is another one of those "about time Nintendo" sort of things. Two-step verification has become a pretty standard security feature for many different accounts that many companies utilize, particularly those that may have a good deal of personal information attached to them. Considering your Nintendo Account likely does have some of that information, like credit card information, it's a good idea for Nintendo to have this themselves. You would think after the couple of breaches Sony has dealt with in their PlayStation Store, Nintendo would have had this going a while ago.

Will you be adding two-step verification to your Nintendo Account?

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