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Nindies Spring Showcase - Vlambeer Announce Avalanche Of Games

March 20, 2019 1:22 PM

By: William Worrall


Vlambeer has announced a whole bunch of new releases in the Nindies showcase today. Firstly there's Super Crate Box a classic 2D shooter which pits players against swarms of box enemies who continuously fall from the top of the screen. For the first time, Super Crate Box will feature online play, allowing players to co-op their way through the game with a friend. Nuclear Throne is now available immediately on the Nintendo store and features the same fast-paced, frantic gameplay as it's original release. Nuclear Game is a top-down rogue-like shooter which features 1000's of possible maps and enemy placements which ensures players will never run out of new content in the game.

The most exciting announcement was for Vlambeer Arcade a new collection of micro-games which will constantly be changing. At launch, it will feature Ultra Bugs an action shooter pitting players against a horde of space bugs who constantly split into more and more bugs as you shoot at them. You're also pitted against bosses who provide you with alien bug DNA which can be used to upgrade your ship to even the odds against the alien swarms. Vlambeer Arcade will be released later this year and hopefully, we'll receive new information about future additions to the collection soon.

What do you think about Vlambeer Arcade? Are you excited about the prospect of a new micro-games collection? Let us know what you think down below. 

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Author: William Worrall | Staff Writer
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