Nindies Spring Showcase - Nintendo Showcases My Friend Pedro

Published: March 20, 2019 1:10 PM /


my friend pedro switch

During Nintendo's first Nindie Showcase of 2019, the company revealed a release window for My Friend Pedro. The game, published by Devolver Digital, has been in the ether for years now. But thanks to Nintendo, we now know the game is set for release in June of this year.

The game is a sidescrolling action shooter that plays off the absurd. The main character runs to the right with two pistols in hand, flipping around while dispatching enemies. Essentially, the game makes you feel like the star of an action movie. To top off the wackiness, you work with a magic talking banana named Pedro. He ushers you to continue slaughtering the foes in front of you.

Players will get unparalleled control over every bit of their character. As you jump off ledges, you can do flips in the air while aiming your two guns in different directions. The goal is to kill everyone in your path, at the behest of your friend, Pedro. Another major part of the gameplay involves the ricochet system. Your bullets can bounce off walls, adding more depth every time you try to line up the perfect shot.

My Friend Pedro has its humble roots as a flash game developed by DeadToast Entertainment. You could play it right now online, if you wanted. This upcoming release, of course, will be more beefed up, featuring better graphics and newer gameplay. DeadToast is also behind the upcoming release.

My Friend Pedro arrives on the Nintendo Switch in June, but it's also coming to PC.

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