Nindies Spring Showcase - Nintendo Debuts Creature in the Well

Published: March 20, 2019 1:20 PM /


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In the first Nindie Showcase of 2019, Nintendo debuted a new game called Creature in the Well. Described as a cross between pinball and action, the game puts you in the shoes of an engineer trying to save the town of Mirage. In the game, developed by Flight School Studio, you fight through a sandstorm on a desert mountain.

The camera features an isometric style, pulling it far above you. The gameplay features your typical hack-and-slash style, but there's a pinball twist to it. The obstacles in the level look as lot like pinball fixtures, including paddles and bumpers. Your character knocks ball-like objects back at the fixtures, simulating a game of pinball.

These fixtures represent machinery, which needs to be reactivated to turn the whole facility back on. On the other hand, he ball-like objects, known as energy orbs, hold charges. So by hitting the machinery with charged energy orbs, you activate the machines.

Unfortunately, if the facility remains dormant, the sandstorm will move down to Mirage. So it's up to you to reactivate the facility by playing a mix of pinball and hack-and-slash gameplay. However, an unknown being, simply called the Creature, lies in wait in the facility.

Creature in the Well features more than 20 weapons, all of which will likely change the way you play pinball. You'll also travel across eight dungeons within the game.

Creature in the Well launches on Nintendo Switch some time this summer.

How do you feel about Creature in the Well's unique take on the hack-and-slash genre? Do you think the pinball mechanics are a good addition to the formula? Let us know in the comments below.


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