Nindies Spring Showcase – Cuphead Coming to Nintendo Switch April 18th, 2019

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Nindies Spring Showcase – Cuphead Coming to Nintendo Switch April 18th, 2019

March 20, 2019

By: Austin Suther


Nintendo's Nindie Spring Showcase opened with a creepy milk advertisement but ended its first announcement with an immense surprise - Cuphead is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month.

On April 18th, 2019, Nintendo Switch players can experience Studio MDHR's side-scrolling masterpiece Cuphead. During the stream, Nintendo thanked Microsoft for making this collaboration possible.

In Cuphead, players take the role of the eponymous hero Cuphead and his counterpart, Mugman. This is a single player or co-op title, and the duel nature of the Switch's controller fits the game perfectly. Cuphead is a title that features a wide array of unique bosses that have different attack patterns and stages that make each fight feel unique. There are also Contra-like sidescrolling segments with various platforming segments and different, weaker enemies.

It's not a simple game by any means. Cuphead is known for its brutal difficulty. Along the way, players can purchase upgrades and new weapons and create a loadout that they feel fit to combat the game's many bosses.


Originally this was an Xbox One and PC-exclusive title, but the collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo has been strong, as of late. Some have suspected that Cuphead would eventually make its way to the Switch. There were also rumors that the Xbox Game Pass would come on the Switch as well, with a particular emphasis on Ori and the Blind Forest. While these rumors aren't confirmed, Cuphead's arrival on a Nintendo console could indicate that more will come out of this partnership soon.

You can check out our review of Cuphead here. Be sure to check the game out when it launches on the Nintendo Switch April 18th, 2019.

Are you going to play Cuphead on the Switch? What other Microsoft games do you want to see come to the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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