Nindies Showcase - HD Rumble Games for the Nintendo Switch

Published: February 28, 2017 1:41 PM /


Pocket Fighter Nintendo Switch

One of the major features for the Nindies Showcase is the use of the HD Rumble feature on the joycon controllers.

The feature will be utilized heavily for four indie games for the Nintendo Switch, Graceful Explosion Machine, Mr. ShiftyTumbleseed, and Pocket Rumble.

Graceful Robot Machine is a side-scrolling arcade shooter from developer Vertex Pop. The game will feature heavy arcade-style combat with tons of enemies on-screen and lots of bullets to dodge. It will also be a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch when it is released in April of this year.

Graceful Explosion Machine 1080p
Graceful Explosion Machine features colorful graphics and frantic arcade action.

The second game is an action game from Tiny Build, titled Mr. Shifty. The game has you shifting through bullets and gunfire in a top-down perspective, similar to Hotline Miami.You use your teleporting ability to take down enemies in quick succession. The objective, break into one of the most secure buildings in the world floor by floor, while you punch, crash and fight your way through hordes of guards. Mr. Shifty is also a timed exclusive being released this April.

Mister Shifty 1080p Switch
Mr Shifty has a unique style all to it's own.

Another game announced was Tumbleseed from developer AEIO-Woo. The game is described as a rogue-like physics based game, where you must utilize multiple upgrades to survive and defend your world from numerous grubs and enemies that threaten it. The game also features dual-stick gameplay with the joycon, procedurally generated worlds, and other secrets to uncover. Tumbleseed is slated for a release on the Nintendo Switch this spring.

Tumbleseed Switch 1080p
Tumbleseed looks like a clever way to build a roguelike.

Outside of the three indie games, another title was announced to include the HD Rumble feature- retro-styled 2-D fighter, Pocket Rumble, which took its inspiration from SNK and Neo Geo Pocket-style graphics. Pocket Rumble is a successful kickstarter title, and will be released as a console exclusive for the Nintendo Switch in March.

All of the games will be out for the Nintendo Switch in the coming months, and utilizing the HD Rumble and the joycon controllers as part of their features is a winning strategy to give the games a more unique style for the system.

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