Nights of Azure 2 Gets a New Trailer and Release Date

Published: May 29, 2017 6:01 PM



A new trailer for Gust’s upcoming game Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon has been released conveying new information. The trailer introduces Lily characters that can be teamed up with during gameplay. The video also confirms that the action role-playing game will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on August 31st.


Koei Tecmo released the all new title Nights of Azure last spring introducing players to a world in which demons ruled the night and a mysterious coalition of knights and priests worked to fight against them. Now the sequel to that game is nearing its release date promising new characters and stories set in the same intriguing setting. Nights of Azure 2 expands on the gameplay of the first adding a Lily system, novel battle mechanics and new Servans (subordinate demons that you can summon and command during battle).

The new trailer shows characters like the merchant Eleanor Ernesto who can become Lily’s. It was recently revealed that Arnice, the heroine from the first game, will be making an appearance in the sequel and can become a lily companion. Another half-demon character Veruschka can also be a Lily companion. Watching the trailer you’ll see epic battles, new enemies and a peek at the Servan level up menu.


Nights of Azure 2

One of the new enemies in Nights of Azure 2 is Valderossa, an enchanting spider demon with a lot of crowd control, who captures humans and turns them into demons. Boss battles will be fought against humanoid demons like Valderossa and very powerful giant monster-like demons that will require Lily coordination and smart use of Servans to defeat. Boss battles will also have new mechanics to utilize, such as barrels full of a flammable substance around the stage that can be broken to light a boss on fire.  


A new “Striker” type Servan is available in this game which can be turned into unique weapons during battle. Also joining the roster of Servans for Nights of Azure 2 are “Tricker” types that may look cute but have powerful and useful abilities. As players complete quests they will gain “Servan Points” that can be used to freely level up various attributes of their subordinate demons and enable them to learn new skills and attacks.

Nights of Azure 2
New boss fight mechanics

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will be released in Japan on August 31, 2017, for PS4, PS Vita and Switch. A premium box version of the game is available which includes exclusive swimsuit costumes. The title is planned to be released in the West although a date has not yet been revealed.

Nights of Azure 2
Veruschka swimsuit costume

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