Night in the Woods Character Shows Up in Taylor Swift Ad for... Some Reason

Published: August 27, 2017 12:21 AM /


Night in the Taylor Swift

Pop quiz: what does indie darling Night in the Woods and super famous musician Talyor Swift have to do with each other? I don't have a clue what the answer is, but that doesn't stop Night in the Woods main character Mae Borowski from showing up in an advertisement for Taylor Swift tickets.

As pointed out by Night in the Woods artist Scott Benson, the character shows up in a video called Taylor Swift Tix powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan. The video shows a world of cats who are Taylor Swift fans, and they all want to see the pop/country star in concert. Unfortunately, robots keep buying all the tickets. Thankfully, Taylor wants the cats at the show so badly she forces them to run advertisements for her show so they can show up instead of the robots. Most interesting is when Mae shows up at the 24-second mark, partying with a group of Taylor Swift fans. She also shows up a second time around 42 seconds in, hanging out with her best friend "cat with a unicorn horn and angel wings." Finally, she shows up one more time at the very end of the video, continuing to indulge in her obsession with bobbing her head at Taylor Swift concerts while awkwardly holding glow sticks. Truly a happy ending for all.

Well, you know, except for the robots.

If you're wondering what this is actually an advertisement for, it's basically a site where Taylor Swift fans can buy Taylor Swift merchandise, watch Taylor Swift videos, and tweet about how great Taylor Swift is all so they can "move forward in line" and have a better chance at scoring tickets to her shows. It's kind of a weird concept, in fact, I'd call it sort of horrible, but I guess it's a little too much to expect Ticketmaster to actually find a way to stop bots from buying their tickets.

As for Scott, he notes in another tweet that he's not actually bothered by this, and asks for people not to raise pitchforks. He also comments that Mae would much more likely be rocking out at a Sleep concert than at Taylor Swift.

If you don't own Night in the Woods it's available on PC (affiliate) and PlayStation 4 right now for $20. You can also read our extremely positive review of the game here. If you don't own Taylor Swift tickets then I guess you should take some more quizzes, and you can also listen to her new song I'm Too Sexy Look What You Made me Do.

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