Nier Replicant PS5 Share Tweets Are Being Blocked by Sony

Nier Replicant players are having a hard time using the PS5 Share functionality to post media to Twitter — and it's all because of Sony blocking a portion of the game's name.

Published: April 23, 2021 3:45 PM /


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Gamers are discovering that their Nier Replicant PS5 Share tweets are being blocked by Sony with a warning to "Remove profanity to continue" — even if they've typed no text at all.

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is an updated re-release of Nier Replicant (sister game to Nier Gestalt) that has launched on PC and consoles today. As one might expect, many players are keen on showing off the beautiful new graphics; naturally, some of these players are on a PS5 and want to use the built-in media share feature to do it. The only problem is that they're being shown a puzzling message asking them to remove profanity from the tweets.

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Why Are Nier Replicant PS5 Share Tweets Being Blocked?

The reason for the Nier Replicant PS5 Share problems comes down to a portion of the game's name. That's right, something in the game's full title is being interpreted as profanity, believe it or not.

The issue was highlighted on ResetEra earlier today. The poster of that thread claims that the issue boils down to the ".1." portion of the game's title. This is a pretty simple claim to test out and one of our writers did exactly that using Cyberpunk 2077:

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Apparently, a couple periods and a number are considered profanity by Sony.

Yep. You can't send a PS5 Share tweet with ".1." anywhere in the text. That's kind of a problem considering that that sequence of characters is included by default as part of the game's name.

So what's the problem? There's no clear reason why, but some people in the ResetEra discussion have pointed out that the offending characters can look like a very crude penis. I'm personally from the school of using an 8, equals size, and the letter D to write out a penis in text, but I can see how these three characters in combination can be interpreted as such. Others have speculated that it could be interpreted as a middle finger, although I can't say that I've seen this text used in that fashion myself.

It might be a bit overzealous, but it's understandable why Sony decided to block this text from being sent. That's not really the problem here, though — someone should have noticed that something considered "profanity" would be included by default with every single Nier Replicant PS5 Share tweet. One hopes that they'll figure out a fix before too long.

What do you think of Sony blocking the characters ".1." as profanity in PS5 Share tweets? What's the silliest kind of censorship you've ever seen in a gaming platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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