Niantic Comments on State of Pokemon Go

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Niantic Comments on State of Pokemon Go

August 3, 2016

By: Don Parsons

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After being quiet in anything to their community, Niantic has finally decided to comment on the current situation of Pokemon GO after the removal of the three-step feature in the latest update and disabling of Pokevision and other radar like tools. These recent changes have brought a lot of anger in the Pokemon GO community that has only inflamed further by the fact that Niantic hasn't responded much in public, in part due to lacking a Pokemon GO community manager. 

The gist of their statement, which you can read in full on their Facebook page, boils down to a few points. First, the 3-step display for tracking was removed because they wanted to improve the design. They stated that it was confusing for many, and most notably, did not say it was removed to the bugs that it had. Second, they reported that they limited third-party sites like PokeVision because they were interfering with their ability to maintain 'quality of service.' While the likely read for that is meant to be that they have impacted server stability, especially in the context of the statement referring to the number of users Pokemon GO has attracted, it is important to note that they do not explicitly say that servers were the reason. With the reasoning provided, it could just be a nicer way of couching what they have said previously about radar services like Pokevision being cheating and ruining the fun of the game.

The final point they address is the lack of communication. For this, Niantic said that the reason for it is that they have been working on the game to keep it running while attempting to launch it worldwide. They are planning on bringing it to other nations, such as Brazil, which presently don't have Pokemon GO, which may be a relief to athletes who are in Rio and were complaining about the lack of Pokemon GO.


What do you think of Niantic's statement? Do you think servers are why they have limited sites like PokeVision? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Don Parsons
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